Why should big companies
have all the fun?

The Internet Has Leveled The Playing Field

Making it easier than ever for small business to compete with big business. Small businesses have a built-in advantage: because of their scale they should be nimble, and quick – and able to take advantage of market opportunities more quickly than big business. Using digital tools, Zephyr knows how to activate this advantage and put it to work for you.

It’s not Ready, Fire, Aim –

It’s Ready, Aim, Fire

Agencies sell clients the tactical solutions they are good at – or at least enjoy doing, or those that are most profitable (to the agency, not the client).

At Zephyr we are tactic agnostic. There are no tactics until we understand client objectives. Put simply, we choose the right marketing tool for the business objective. And if the objective is quantifiable, so much the better.

Many of our solutions use digital technology and analytics. Digital Technology because it’s cost effective, and Analytics to monitor results. View our services to peek inside the digital toolbox.

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