Video marketing should be part of your content creation, but have you thought about how to leverage video marketing in your emails?

You’ve probably watched a video on your phone. Whether it was on YouTube, Facebook, or on a website or blog, you’ve probably watched several. Some of them were probably marketing related. Who hasn’t watched a product review, an unboxing for a subscription product, or information about an upcoming event?

How Should I Send a Personalized Video Email?

Ideally, you’ll send a video message to someone who has already expressed some level of interest in your product or service, and not a fresh lead who signed up for your newsletter earlier in the day. You must know what your prospect is interested in to make sure the video you send is relevant. Keep your email videos short—no more than five minutes, max. Make sure you let your prospect know that you’ve sent them a video, too, by mentioning it in the subject line of the email. Plus, the word “video” in a subject line leads to a 7-13% increase in open rates. Also, be sure to choose an intriguing thumbnail for your video to make it as appealing as possible.

Does This Mean I Need to Make a Video for Each Person Individually?

What’s most important is that you share something relevant to them—use the data you have about what products they’ve viewed on your website, which emails of yours they’ve opened in the past, and any past purchases. That way you can send them a video about a product or service you offer that is relevant to them. You don’t need to film separate videos for each person. Similar to emails with personalized greetings or marketing campaigns that include the prospect’s name in the subject line, it’s possible to personalize a video with someone’s name, job title, or company. If, however, you have the time and this is a prospect you want to hook, feel free to film a brief video message tailored exactly to that person, addressing them by name.

How Does This Help My Marketing Efforts?

As people become more comfortable with personalized ads, they expect more personalized marketing. They want to believe a company has taken the time to know them before expecting them to make a purchase. Videos are much more personal than the text in an email, or even a photo. You can let your prospect get to know you and your staff, and let them know that you want to be a solution for their needs or problems.

I’m On a Budget. Is This Going to Be Hard or Pricey?

You can use whatever equipment you have on hand, including the webcam on your computer. Thankfully, in a lot of ways, it’s better for a video to be less professional looking because you want to give your prospect a feel for you as a person. A lot of video content on the internet is filmed on smartphones and isn’t done in a studio. Best of all, you don’t need to hire any outside talent. You probably know your product better than anyone, making you the best person to put in front of the camera.

Is This More Necessary Now Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic?

That depends. If you sell a product in-store, and your customers cannot come in at the moment, you could use a video to show them your product from as many angles as possible and let them see it in action. Videos might also be a good way to show your customers the safety procedures you’re including now to keep them safe—you can walk them through the cleaning products you use, show them your employees in masks, or simply send a heartfelt video message letting them know you take their safety seriously.

We’re happy to speak with you about whether personalized video marketing makes sense for you and your company. Please reach out to us today so we can help you build your video marketing strategy.