All business owners have digital marketing in the back of their minds.

They know this is an approach they have to adopt in order to be relevant today. However, they struggle to integrate this into their current marketing strategy. Read this article from Forbes about why a digital marketing strategy is important for all businesses. According to a survey, nearly 50% of businesses don’t have a clearly defined digital strategy. Often, we create this perfect plan but then the person or team in charge doesn’t follow it on a day-to-day basis, and so the goal is hard to reach. It is crucial to define and monitor the right KPIs for your business and work hard toward achieving them. Measuring them in real time helps make any adjustments to avoid failure, especially when these KPIs are not even close to being reached. Having a dashboard that provides you these metrics can help make adjustments in a timely matter. Here are seven reasons why everyone should adopt a digital marketing strategy:

  1. You obtain direction and focus.

    You need a clear strategy to achieve goals. You need to measure if you are going in the right direction and if you’re able to execute them in a timely matter.

  2. You gain a powerful online value proposition.

    This will help to differentiate yourself to encourage interaction with your existing and potential customers. In this populated digital world we live in, it has become difficult to win a click over. Differentiating your brand helps you boost this click-through rate, not only for new visitors to be aware that you exist and that you are worth it but especially for your returning visitors. If you have already won them over, differentiating your brand with a powerful value proposition will be key to keeping them interested.

  3. You get to know your customers better.

    Measure qualitative and quantitative data. Numbers are not enough — you should be able to obtain sentiment to address your customer’s pain points and get to know them better. It is important to track your customers’ behavior with the right marketing technologies. This way, you can deliver insights and make decisions quickly.

  4. You avoid silos.

    An integrated digital marketing strategy ensures a vision that’s aligned with every department. Clarity provides focus. With your digital marketing plan in place, you can build the governance needed to pilot new technology, share data across the organization and manage capabilities and processes.

  5. You can plan your budget better.

    Having enough resources is not enough. You should be able to plan in advance what your digital program needs in order to succeed. What are the skills needed to deliver results? Your employees may not be using their time as effectively as they should.

  6. You are constantly optimizing.

    Measured by KPIs, a digital strategy will give you direction to constantly optimize and create a continuous environment for improvement. It is important to continually track and manage the efforts you have in place.

  7. You obtain ROI.

    Being able to measure every marketing action ensures a cost-effective strategy. This way, you can create the capabilities to support digital marketing operations.

Digital marketing is no longer adding the online factor to your marketing mix — it’s about putting the correct plan in place to transform your business. At Zephyr Digital Design, we’ve worked with a variety of clients – some B2B and some B2C – making us experts at creating custom digital marketing strategies for all types of businesses.