Make Sure Your Holiday Marketing is on Point with These Five Tips

It’s time to rethink some of your holiday marketing strategies.

While everyone wishes we could have a normal holiday season, unfortunately this year’s celebrations and shopping patterns will likely feel a bit different. The good news is that 66% of people plan to shop more at local businesses this holiday season so here’s what you need to know to plan for a successful fourth quarter, even during a pandemic.

Digital Is Always First

The pandemic has already forced many businesses that relied on foot traffic to grow into a more digitally-focused mindset. This holiday season probably will take the same path; you can count on more people placing orders online and opting to pick them up curbside. Be sure that your marketing efforts focus on a strong digital experience. If you don’t already offer a “buy online, pick up in-store” (or curbside) option, now is the time to do so.

Use Pinterest or Instagram Worthy Photos to Spark Gift Inspiration

Online shopping isn’t limited to those who know exactly what they want; in many cases, it’s actually quite the opposite! Many shoppers browse websites or social media looking for gift inspiration. In the past, you might have relied on a table display to spark an impulse purchase – now you’ll need to create these impulse buys online. For instance, you might snap a picture of a cozy night by the fire, complete with mugs, cocoa, and the perfect tray to go with it, all available from your store. Include links to your shop so it’s easy for customers to find all of these in one spot on your website. For help creating a more welcoming or enticing site – or even for ideas on creative content, check out Zephyr Digital Design services now!

Heed the 80/20 Rule

You probably know better than anyone that twenty percent of your customers bring in eighty percent of your revenue. Now is the time to reward your customers. Hopefully, you have a customer base that has stayed loyal to you in this pandemic. As a special thank you, perhaps let them have early access to your Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. If you have a loyalty club, you can text them codes to save an extra percentage off, as well. Try your best to give them an offer related to their spending habits so far during the pandemic: if they tend to buy in bulk, for example, a “buy one get one” offer would be appealing to them.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

With so many brands likely to go for hard sells in their marketing, now is a great time to show how you’re giving back if you are in a position to do so. Perhaps you can encourage customers to donate a dollar to the salvation army when they make a purchase, which you could match. People always appreciate extra surprises and generosity around the holidays. A little kindness goes a long way.

Remind Shoppers You’ll Be Keeping Them Safe

It may be second nature by now to put on your mask before walking into a store, but customers still appreciate reassurances that you’re taking their safety seriously. Inform customers of what safety precautions to expect and how to go about shopping. No need to self-herald your good cleanly deeds – just a simple calm reminder of how often the store is sanitized, how many people can be in the building, and your policy on masks.

We hope that these tips help get you started on a successful holiday season! As always, Zephyr Digital Design is here to help if your holiday marketing needs professional guidance or a even new look – reach out to us today!