How often should I update my website? Or rebuild it?

If you think about your car, you know there are a lot of working parts under the hood, all working together to  keep the engine running. And that’s just one area of the vehicle that has to be maintained. Luckily, when things go wrong, you can go to your favorite mechanic. Sometimes you just need a tune-up, others it’s a big, expensive fix.

A website is similar in that sometimes certain features stop working properly, items don’t load properly, and worst of all – a website can be hacked.

Online Business Presence

The big difference between the car and the website is there will always be a neighborhood mechanic available to help. With a website, certain features that stop working often mean that the “mechanic” – or developer, in this case, often moves on to new projects and stops offering support on the tool they built.

Google also often changes requirements for websites, such as SSL (secure sites for storing personal information), ADA compliance, etc. Issues like this are often what can lead to website update or complete rebuild.

Other times, your business has outgrown your existing website – meaning you need bigger, better tools at play that can handle traffic, e-commerce, video, and the list goes on. At Zephyr, we recommend a website redesign or revamp every 3-4 years, sometimes sooner, depending upon the business.

If you are still unsure of whether or not your company needs a new website, here are some key indicators that it does:

  • Your business has grown substantially in a relatively small time period
  • Your company is going through a major rebrand
  • Your analytics show that website visits have significantly decreased
  • You want to begin selling your services/products in an online store
  • Your current website is not mobile-friendly (mobile-responsive)
  • Your website is not secure

If you would like to learn more about updating your website or building a new one, please contact us.