Video content might seem intimidating— you need to know how to film yourself or someone else to showcase a product or service you offer, and it might take many takes to get it right. Then there’s editing, posting, and of course, you’ll need to write a script before you do any of this.

If this seems like more trouble then it’s worth, it’s not. The thing is, video content can serve you in many ways, especially if you can repurpose that content. Here are some of our favorite tips.

Native Video Does Better

If you go through the trouble of shooting an excellent video, don’t just post it on YouTube and then share it on Facebook or other platforms. When at all possible, take the time to post your original video directly onto each platform. YouTube has its search algorithm, and so does Facebook. Posted directly or “native” videos inherently perform better for these algorithms.

Another way to make your videos stand out? You may have noticed that videos sometimes appear in your search results. Videos have their SEO, or search engine optimization, factors, so be sure to add these to your video so it can be considered relevant and eventually make its way to a SERP or search engine results page. Video SEO includes closed captions, text overlays, the name of your video, or even the name of the file. You can find many guidelines on how to improve your video’s SEO on YouTube, such as this one.

Take the Time to Transcribe

We’ve already mentioned adding closed captions to your video. If you’ve written a script, then closed captioning and transcribing your video will be a little easier to do.

Transcription offers you additional ways to get more out of your video content. You can edit the transcription and turn it into a blog post on your website. Be sure to include some images from the video itself, other images, or graphics, if applicable. You can also publish the original transcription under an embedded YouTube video on your website.

Audio and Visuals

If you have a podcast or know of a podcast you’d love to have your business featured on, you can take the audio from your video and easily repurpose it into shareable audio content. Additionally, you can take thumbnail images from your video, such as a still of one of your products, and use it to guide visitors to your website from an email or your social media platforms.

The Stats Speak For Themselves

Video marketing speaks for itself. Consumers prefer to learn about new product information through a short video. Posts on social media that include video perform better than those without. During the months of staying at home during the pandemic, companies came to rely on videos to show what they offered when consumers were able to come in store. Now that more people are leaving their homes, video content is still important, in large part because people have come to expect it.

That being said, we know that putting together video content that looks professional and represents your company well can be challenging. We know all about how to film top-notch video content, and we’d love to help you create great content for your business. Contact us today!