Online Management

From social media, to online reviews, to email marketing, your website, blogs, newsletters, to a dozen other communication touchpoints, you are creating and maintaining a relationship. Hundreds, or maybe thousands of relationships. Each a little different, each with one thing in common: your brand is defined in the mind of the consumer by those relationships. Every touchpoint enhances or detracts from the “positioning” of your brand in the mind of the consumer.

Consumer Behavior

What is “positioning”? It is the place your product or service occupies in the selection set of the consumer. The customer deselects brands first – this makes selection easier. Then they narrow their choices based on a litany of other criteria – specific to the product or service. At one point or another, after initial brand awareness, comes attention, desire and, if you’re relationship with the customer is right, action.

At Zephyr, we help you better understand those relationships and manage them in a way that leads to more buying.