Tips for a SEO Friendly Blog Post

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(H2) Most important heading goes here (Add some keywords)

Adding some keywords in your paragraph may boost the post. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut placerat rutrum ullamcorper. Praesent eleifend dictum dolor, vitae dictum tortor cursus venenatis. Cras id lacus velit. Integer justo lorem, vulputate at gravida nec, fringilla porta neque. Cras a ante blandit, semper magna eu, blandit nulla. Vestibulum ipsum ex, condimentum eu eleifend sed, ultrices et ipsum. Cras nec mauris vitae nulla bibendum ultrices. Proin euismod erat quis bibendum cursus. Sed eleifend porta nunc a vulputate. Curabitur aliquet lobortis molestie. Sed sollicitudin eros nibh, sed porta nisl tincidunt fringilla. Vivamus elementum, est sed accumsan ultrices, sem elit aliquet nunc, aliquam tempus eros ipsum at mauris. Phasellus vitae nisi ac sem efficitur gravida. Donec fringilla metus felis, id volutpat leo porttitor et.

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(H3) Heading below the H2 (add less keywords)

Suspendisse viverra, ex eget commodo mollis, leo magna tristique orci, id tincidunt nibh nunc a turpis. Nam ultrices libero a magna pretium, in tempor nisi consectetur. Nullam at hendrerit purus. Nam tempus justo hendrerit, tincidunt sapien ut, maximus nunc. Morbi consequat orci vel mauris accumsan, et sodales ex dictum. Pellentesque tristique, quam sed tristique ultricies, orci tortor scelerisque elit, quis lobortis nisi leo vitae lacus. Add Keywords here. In porta, neque id pulvinar iaculis, erat urna consectetur enim, nec tincidunt justo ex vitae elit. Proin vel blandit est. Maecenas dui ligula, sollicitudin vel est sed, consectetur vestibulum augue. Etiam sed maximus lectus.

This is an UNORDERED list

  • List item
  • List item
  • List item
  • List item

(H4) Heading below H3 (no keywords/very little)

Praesent massa justo, gravida eget ullamcorper quis, efficitur vitae quam. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In vehicula nisl id felis egestas ultricies. Phasellus vel semper ex. Cras condimentum massa dolor, id commodo urna ultricies et. Phasellus at convallis erat, feugiat congue metus. Pellentesque eros dolor, vehicula sit amet tempus lacinia, mattis in nulla. Aenean efficitur ultrices scelerisque. Add keywords here. Sed dignissim dignissim placerat. Ut convallis sapien nec augue vulputate, ac mollis sem semper. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

This is an ORDERED list

  1. First list item
  2. Second list item
  3. Third list item
  4. Fourth list item
(H5) Heading below H4 (no keywords/very little)

Sed et ultrices sem, quis faucibus eros. Donec ex ligula, rutrum eget pretium nec, dignissim nec magna. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque eget pharetra urna. Mauris ligula lorem, commodo non nisi at, viverra tristique dui. Add Keywords here. Vestibulum vestibulum ligula enim, a tincidunt magna posuere eget. Curabitur dignissim vulputate libero vel tincidunt. Praesent suscipit elit vel dolor fermentum tempus. Suspendisse ante sapien, gravida nec nibh vitae, rhoncus facilisis justo. In neque risus, eleifend eu ante id, ultrices aliquam odio. Phasellus ipsum turpis, cursus id luctus a, mattis quis nunc. Praesent tristique nulla risus, quis feugiat ligula iaculis at.

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(H6) Heading below H5 (no keywords)

In id augue lobortis, suscipit lacus ut, semper mauris. Ut pretium turpis at cursus bibendum. Morbi aliquet sem nec nulla ornare placerat. Fusce velit risus, congue in massa nec, auctor eleifend enim. Sed facilisis eros eros, eu sodales sem porttitor non. In justo enim, fermentum in dolor non, lobortis cursus magna. Mauris nec commodo ex, ut tristique erat. Vestibulum ullamcorper venenatis mi sed dictum. Add keywords here.

Useful Tools to Write Stronger Posts

  • Google Correlate

    Correlates typed in word with next best search results (up to ten search queries)
    Also shows where synonym words are ranked in similar to root word searched via line chart

  • Google Trends

    Visually reveals how search trends based on search word has changed over time
    Shows relative popularity of the searched word over the past year
    Shows which words to use on an annual, monthly basis (when, where, and why spikes occur)

  • Word Shi**er

    Shows what is most trending at the moment based upon keyword starting at the top with what is most popular all the way to the bottom from what you should avoid writing

  • Transition Words

    Use one of these words listed in at least 30% in the article (1-3 sentences). Ensures higher rank for posts

  • Add links from previous content in current content when related. Links increase search rank.

  • Optimize Images

    Add alt text to images, relative image size (width and height). Ensure file name is clear and correct not RTG@Y^#$%7-1 janky. ALWAYS .JPEG

  • How Readable is my Post?

    Test the readability of your webpage/post