Capturing email addresses from your website visitors (potential customers) is essential for driving business growth.

It allows you to have an open line of communication direct to your customers’ inbox announcing the latest promotion, new products, helpful articles and more. So, how do you continually grow your contact list? Take a look at our top five tools to capture e-mail addresses below and you’ll be sure to keep driving new traffic to your business.

1. Use an e-mail opt-in pop-up on your website

We’re sure you’re familiar with this concept as it is used on many websites these days. This is a quick and easy way for a new customer to sign up for sale info, coupons and more. We recommend keeping this form simple, only requiring an email address.

2. Offer an incentive in exchange for an email address

Do you have a DIY guide, webinar or some other digital collateral that you can share with potential customers? Use an opt-in form with the offer to create interest, encouraging them to provide their e-mail address. As soon as they sign up, an automated email will send them their freebie. One benefit to using this method is you will quickly learn what a customer is interested in based on the content of the freebie. This allows a follow up to see if they are interested in learning more, getting a quote, etc.

3. Drive traffic from social media to a landing page

This doesn’t just apply to gathering email addresses. Driving traffic to your site from social media is essential in “hooking” the customer to not only go to the landing page, but to explore the rest of the site, and potentially converting the customer via a sale. Gathering their email address during this process is like the icing on the cake – you’ve gotten everything you wanted.

4. Create an exit offer popup

This option works well for e-commerce sites when a user is browsing products. Once the user moves their mouse to the top of the page or goes to close out of the window, a pop up with a discount or free gift can entice the shopper to stay and make a purchase.

5. Add a newsletter opt-in form page to your website

It’s always smart to simply have a newsletter sign up page on your site that anyone can easily find in case they accidentally closed out of a pop up or have decided they do in fact want to stay in touch.

It is absolutely advisable to try a few of these options to collect emails and see what works – you don’t have to pick just one! Need help getting started or want a marketing agency to assist you? Contact Zephyr Digital Design in Kansas City, creators of the best websites in Kansas City!