You probably already know email marketing offers a great return on your marketing investment.

It’s a great way to let your customers know about the latest updates or blog posts from your company and relevant information on new markdowns or time sensitive offers. You might even reach out to your customers on their birthdays or even say thank you for a recent purchase.

All of these tactics are important, but none are quite as impactful as the welcome series you can send to a new customer. Welcome series emails are automated emails sent right after a new prospect or customer subscribes to a service, starts a free trial, or buys a product for the first time. These customers saw something on your website valuable enough for them to give you their email address, and now’s the time to prove your worth.

Welcome emails have a much higher open rate than any other email campaign. It’s crucial to set up a welcome series that’s ready to send as soon as you receive a new email address. People are most interested in hearing from you immediately after they’ve expressed an interest, not two weeks later. Waiting too long risks your new customer forgetting about you. When you do reach out, there’s a greater chance they either won’t open your email or might send it to their spam folder.

It can be hard to know what information to include in a welcome series. Generally speaking, you want each email to highlight a benefit your product or service offers. It’s important to consider not only what your company offers, but how long your buying cycle is. If you offer a more expensive product or know that people go through a longer buying cycle before purchasing your product, it’s okay to set up a longer welcome series over the course of a few weeks. On the other hand, if you have a shorter buying cycle and less expensive products, your welcome series should be shorter. The key is finding a sweet spot where you can show your new customer or prospect what makes your company worth their money without becoming annoying.

Welcome emails offer clear benefits to you and your customer. They let your customer get to know your business and what to expect from any further marketing emails. Plus, if you’re tracking your email open and click through rates, you can learn a lot about your customers and what their needs are, so you have a better idea of what types of emails they’ll want to open in the future.

Want help crafting an e-mail welcome series and tracking the results? Please reach out to us at Zephyr Digital Design. We’re happy to show you how to make the most of these crucial first interactions with your customers.